CyberPanel vs WHM cPanel

As the demand for hosting services increases, the importance of website administrator tools is increasing. Web hosting service providers provide users with a platform where they can host their websites. CyberPanel and WHM cPanel are two website administrator tools that have garnered much attention.

cPanel is one of the most common web hosting software systems. Its stand is stability and security. Its competitors are CyberPanel and Web Host Manager. The blog looks at the key differences between the two, and concludes that CyberPanel has more advantages than cPanel. We at TezHost providing Cheap web hosting in Pakistan since 2011.

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Administrator Comparison of CyberPanel and WHM cPanel

Installing the Control Panel

If you select a certain control panel, some hosting providers will give you preinstalled servers. However, you can also install cPanel or CyberPanel on your own.


You don’t need to configure CyberPanel after the installation is complete. It is rather simple to install.

Execute the following command to install:

sh <(curl || wget -O – https://cyberpanel

Without further settings, you can access the CyberPanel interface right away after a successful installation via https://:8090.

WHM cPanel

Enter the following command in the server terminal to install cPanel:

cd /home && curl -o latest -L &&

Visit https://:2087 after the command line installation is finished. The basic settings will need to be set up on this initial visit.

Creating a Website

Compared to cPanel, CyberPanel makes it considerably simpler to create a website.

Follow the steps given below to create a new website:

  1. Sign in to your CyberPanel account to access its dashboard.
  2. Access “Websites” > From the left menu bar, and click on “create a website”
CyberPanel website dashboard
  1. Choose a package (Select the default option or create your own package based on your needs.)
  2. Choose Owner (Normally admin is used, or you can give management access to any of your users.)
  3. Type a Domain Name
  4. Add your Email address
CyberPanel Website Details Form
  1. Choose PHP(Options available range from PHP 5.6 to 7.3)
  2. With only one click, extra features like SSL, DKIM, and DNS Verificationare accessible.
  3. Your new website will be ready in a few seconds after clicking the “Create Website”

WHM cPanel:

Creating a website using WHM cPanel takes the following step:

  1. Use your username and password to access WHM, or type in your URL ( or
  2. Search for Create a New Account in the left-top search bar to get there.
  3. Enter the Domain Name of your website
  4. Type your User Name and Password
  5. Provide your Email address
Create a New Account (CyberPanel)
  1. Select a Package. The default setting is for infinite resources, but you can also manually insert resources such as disc space, bandwidth, FTP accounts, etc.) as per required.
  2. Pick a language for your website’s default language.
  3. Update Mail Routing Service, where you can opt to have the configuration automatically detected
  4. When you click the “Click to Create”button, your WHM account will be created in seconds. You will then see a window where you can access cPanel.
  5. You can now create a website manually from the “File Manager” or directly using WordPress Toolkit.
Click Create Button-cyberpanel

And the process goes on. Which is not intuitive. Beginners don’t necessarily need many of the features, nor do they always know how to assess their needs based on anticipated usage. Beginners require more time to comprehend the software’s intricacy.

Managing a Website:

The cPanel interface is complex and can be difficult to use. However, CyperPanel is designed for end-users and includes all basic and advanced features with a user-friendly GUI.

It’s more difficult for users to find which features are necessary, but the CyperPanel displays all icons in the main dashboard.

Managing websites-cyberpanel


CyberPanel makes it easy for your blog’s readers to understand what is happening, and right now you can see how to manage your site or personal domain through our interface. You’ll also find relevant features that are black and white, making it easy to navigate.

To view the access logs and control child domains, go to Websites > List Sites > Manage. To edit configuration files on all CMSs, use email marketing, or install apps with one click.

WHM cPanel

The interface above shows the cPanel dashboard. It’s divided into major functional categories and advanced features.

cPanel interface

The most important ones are highlighted in the major functional categories, such as Files, Databases, Domains, Emails, Metrics, Security, Software, Advanced, Preferences, and Applications, but much of the dashboard is not relevant to the end-user to manage the website.


System Requirements for CyberPanel:

Centos 7.x, Centos 8.x, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04

1024MB or above Ram

10GB Disk Space

Python 3.x

System Requirements for WHM cPanel:

Operating system & Version – CentOS 7

Processor – 1.1Gz

RAM – Minimum: 1GB & Recommended: 2GB

Disk Space – Minimum: 20GB & Recommended: 40GB

Architecture – 64-bit


There are a lot more administrator functionalities of cPanel and CyberPanel such as Backup and Email management. Much like cPanel, CyberPanel is a great alternative to its more expensive counterpart. With this software on your end, you can easily create websites and publish content. Plus, with Incremental Backup, you won’t have to worry about data loss!

CyberPanel is free and provides greater security and stability than cPanel. We can deduce that CyberPanel will surpass cPanel in the future and take the lead. TezHost provides CyberPanel Web Hosting services worldwide at the most economical rates. We offer 24/7 professional support with 99.9% guaranteed Uptime.

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