OX App Suite Packages

The best option for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and all other platforms which need PHP and MySQL.

OX App Suite

Rs577.68 Monthly

  • OX App Suite is a powerful email, communication and collaboration solution that gives you secure, reliable and professional email, calendaring, contacts and more.

OX App Suite + Productivity

Rs925.68 Monthly

  • OX App Suite + Productivity takes all the features of OX App Suite email, communication and collaboration and adds Productivity Apps and Cloud Storage enabling you to create, edit and share Microsoft Office docs online.


An OX App Suite is a complete application software that includes access to emails, Calendar, Task list and address book. It is best for small businesses who want to keep track of their emails and office management works.

OX App Suite supports connecting all external IMAP email accounts including popular providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.com. Simply  add your credentials into OX App suite and emails sent to those enlisted accounts will be shown in your App Suite Interface.

Yes, OX App Suite fully supports CalDAV and CardDAV. And for Android users, syncing is easy via our dedicated Android Sync App.

Yes! OX App Suite is platform independent and is competitive with all desktop & mobile based platforms for email handling.

OX App Suite supports multiple  languages.

OX Guard is based on the principle of  PGP . PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy encryption standard. It is used to send and receive emails in  a secure and encrypted way. PGP is one of the leading encryption technologies and is under practice large enterprises 

Yes, running and installing the OX App Suite is very easy. You just have to follow standard steps. Run this command : “sudo ./install-appsuite”. To add OX Documents for editing office documents (text, spreadsheet and presentation): sudo ./install-dcs.

All OX App Suite data is saved in the Open-Xchange data center in the USA. so it isn’t possible for anyone to change data geo -location on a domain basis.

what we can guarantee

Auto Updates

Daily Update of your data.

CloudFlare Integration

Cache content and secure incoming traffic.

Multi Layer Protection

Your website data is protected with Anti-virus.

Account Isolation

User-friendly interface to interact.

Email Addresses

Email with service purchased.

24×7/365 Support

Expert technical staff to assist you 24/7.

cPanel Control Panel

Many web sites still in infancy

30 Day Money-back

Money-back guarantee on any purchase.

Quick Install

Quick Installation of softwares.

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What is OX App Suite?

OX App Suite is an email collaboration and communication platform designed for small businesses. It provides a wide variety of cloud based services, secure emails, personal and official team organization and office management features.Just like other service solution softwares , OX App Suite consists of various programs that simplify everyday office life word processing, Outlook, cloud storages inclusive in package.

 Why is the OX App Suite better than others?

OX App Suite has many advantages as compared to other platforms. The most renowned is its Dashboard.All applications are available in one window, organized and fetchable. Users can view all the information on a single desk including emails, upcoming and incoming appointments, present tasks and important files. The consumer has complete control over how he manages, discards and updates information.

OX App Suite Features

Some of the important OX App Suite features are :

OX Calendar

The OX Calendar suite is an important feature of the suite. It helps in maintaining dates for upcoming appointments and managing daily routines. The scheduler in the calendar helps manage several calendars at a time. Be it private appointments, business appointments, both can be managed by the users at the same time. Suite helps to plan and invite people for upcoming meetings and remind them when required.

OX Drive

OX Drive provides Open-Xchange software users easy to use cloud storage solutions. Files can be easily stored and transferred to Cloud storage. File uploading and movement is easy and feasible. Sharing individual files or complete data with the client or business partner is easy. All you need to have access and the person you are sharing with should have the controls to modify it.

OX Documents

OX documents are managed by three different individual applications in suite. Users can work in multiple formats.

OX Text provides format for letters and other texts to be written or formatted. As ox app suite is a collaborative software you can easily share documents with other users working on the same platform.

OX Presentation helps in creating visually attractive documents like presentations in PowerPoint .

OX SpreadSheet helps in calculating and performing necessary functions for calculations and tables.

Pros & Cons of the OX App Suite

The Ox App Suite  offers vide variety of functions just like other collaboration softwares, 


Open source concept

The reason it is more advantageous as compared to others is its open design and the same range of functions as other collaboration solutions. Developers prefer to have an OX App suite instead of any other software.


A single document can be accessed by different users having credentials to access the document.

Data Security

The OX App Suite provides maximum data security. Its rules comply with GDPR. Users feel safe while interacting with a data protection compliant solution. 


Format Limitations

Ox App Suite doesn’t have its own format. You can use Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice formats for edits and writings.

Platform Compatibility

Though it is a suite designed for small business setups, you can not operate an OX app suite on a local network or a PC at home. Noice users specially, should always go for a solution that has built in and operation softwares in it. It is for Cloud technology users. Small business owners or large enterprises, companies with data resources comply well with the OX App suite.