OX App Suite 

OX App Suite

Rs747 Monthly

  • OX App Suite is a powerful email, communication and collaboration solution that gives you secure, reliable and professional email, calendaring, contacts and more.

OX App Suite + Productivity

Rs1197 Monthly

  • OX App Suite + Productivity takes all the features of OX App Suite email, communication and collaboration and adds Productivity Apps and Cloud Storage enabling you to create, edit and share Microsoft Office docs online.

About OX APP Suite

An OX App Suite is a complete application software that includes access to emails, Calendar, Task list and address book. It is best for small businesses who want to keep track of their emails and office management works.

This Suite supports connecting all external IMAP email accounts including popular providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.com. Simply  add your credentials into App and all the emails will be available in the Interface.

Yes, this fully supports CalDAV and CardDAV. And for Android users, syncing is easy via our dedicated Android Sync App. OX App Suite is platform independent and is competitive with all desktop & mobile based platforms for email handling.

OX Guard is based on the principle of  PGP . PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy encryption standard. It is used to send and receive emails in  a secure and encrypted way. PGP is one of the leading encryption technologies and is under practice large enterprises.

How to Install OX APP Suite

Running and installing the OX App Suite is very easy. You just have to follow standard steps. Run this command : “sudo ./install-appsuite”. To add OX Documents for editing office documents (text, spreadsheet and presentation): sudo ./install-dcs.

All data is saved in the Open-Xchange data center in the USA. So it isn’t possible for anyone to change data geo -location on a domain basis. Furthermore, you can get cheap email web hosting with fast and secure server.


Our technical team will help you 24/7 during installation and after installation. Feel free to get in touch to know more about our team and service.


What is ox app suite?

An OX App Suite is a complete application software that includes access to emails, Calendar, Task list and address book.

How do I use Ox mail app?

Firstly, you need to download the APP from app store. The next step is to provide your registered email address. A new screen will appear with you have to add you mailbox manually. Then it will ask you to provide password of your account. Proceed with these simple steps and you can use OX mail APP.

Is set up Ox on Android is different than adding it to iPhone?

Basically, the steps are same. You may see a different interface in both operating systems. You need to follow installation guides on both OS and after installation the process to login is same.