How to Register a Domain Name in Pakistan

As we live in the twenty-first century and the world is shrinking day by day, it is important to come on the same platform and start connecting with other people through your business/product or blogging. To sell your skill or product online, note some crucial things you must know, such as what is a domain? What is hosting? How to optimize your website? How to register a domain name in Pakistan? Which company is best to buy the domain and hosting? And so on.

If you have such queries, then you have landed on the right website. Here, we I guide you, and after reading this article, you will be able to communicate with your audiences without any hindrance. We offer WordPress web hosting in Pakistan on monthly and yearly payment option.

What is a Domain Name?

Basically, the domain name is the name of your website, and people will write your domain name in the search bar of any search engine to visit your website. In its background domain name/website’s name is a combination of complex numbers, which is terrific to memorize to make it human-friendly. The developer introduces the best way by introducing the name instead of the numbers.

The domain name has two parts, one is its identification name, and the other is its extension. Let us take the example of TezHost.PK, It is a website where TezHost if the name of the business or identification name and other parts (.PK) is its extension, which is written after a dot.

How to Register a Domain Name in Pakistan
Register a Domain Name in Pakistan

How To Choose Your Domain Name?

The domain name is significant to run a website; without it, it cannot be set up the site.

Choose to keep these vital points while choosing the domain name.

  • It should be specific and unique.
  • Correct spelling of domain name is important.
  •  No confusing name, and it should be easy to read.
  • Avoid using numbers and characters in the domain name.
  • It should include keywords which are suitable for SEO.
  • Make sure that it is easy to remember and verbal.

Which Company is Best for Domain and Hosting?

Although many companies in Pakistan provide domain names along with hosting servers to their customers. TezHost is the best company to Buy .pk Domain in Pakistan. Not only domain but Tez Host offer best hosting packages to setup you website easily. This company manages the best server maintenance and safely stores your data in its warehouse. They introduce many discounts and give three types of hosting options.

Process of Domain Name Registration in Pakistan

After selection of Domain name, The next step is to check if the name is available or not. If domain name is not available you can buy same domain with different extension like if is not available you can buy or All these extensions are available in Tezhost.

Registration process

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Here is the complete process to register domain name in Pakistan with .pk .com extension.

  1. Go to the

    The first step to register domain name in Pakistan is to go to a domain name registry. Tezhost is best domain registry for .PK domain registration.

  2. Check the availability.

    A search bar will appear on the screen. Type the domain name you selected to buy previously and press the “Domain Search Button”. You can write who name with extension like or

  3. Proceed to Buy the Domain.

    You will see a congratulation! your domain name is available on the screen. If not available you will see some other suggestions. (If not available you can go back and check a different domain or you have options to choose from in the list). The price of domain will appear with the status near name.

  4. Add to Cart the Name you selected.

    In this step you have to click add to cart button. Then press checkout button to proceed with payment method. In domain configuration page you have to set thing as available and press continue button.

  5. Create Account in TezHost

    Here you have to create an account with us, so that we will associate the domain name with it. You can choose google to signup and fill the form available and select the payment method. (If you are in Pakistan Easypaisa/JazzCash is suitable for you. However, you can choose international payment methods like PayPal and credit card etc.)

  6. Send payment and own domain

    In this step you have to send money through easypaisa account mentioned on the top of the receipt. Once done, you have to send receipt to our live chat agent and he will mark you invoice as paid.


A domain name is the identity of your website; basically, it is the URL of your website. People type this name in the browser and get directly to your website. Choose a short, simple, brand able, relevant and easy-to-memorize. Once you come up with a name, go to TezHost to buy a domain name.

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