Extended Validation SSL


What is extended version of SSL?

An extended version of SSL also known as Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) is a type of digital certificate that provides a higher level of assurance to website visitors. EV SSL certificates are issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) after performing a thorough vetting process to ensure the identity and legitimacy of the website.

What makes extended validation SSL different?

Extended Validation SSL is different from other SSL types as it requires a more rigorous authentication process. It verifies the legitimacy of a company and the identity of the domain before issuing the certificate. EV SSL certificates display the website name in green in a web browser and also display the name of the company that owns the site. This helps customers easily identify the website as a legitimate, verified business.

How do I know if my certificate is EV?

EV certificates are identified by the green address bar in a web browser. This green address bar is generally the first indication to a user that the website they are visiting is protected by an EV certificate.
EV certificates also include the name of the organization to the left of the URL bar. Additionally, EV certificates require a more thorough validation process from a Certificate Authority, which helps to ensure that the organization on the certificate is legitimate.

Why use extended validation certificates?

Extended Validation (EV) Certificates offer the highest level of assurance to website visitors and customers. EV provides a visual cue to users that the website is authenticated and validated according to industry-standard identity verification processes. EV certificates also provide encryption, ensuring communications between the website and users are secure.