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Web Hosting in Lahore

TezHost is best web hosting company in Lahore which good offers web hosting services in Lahore Pakistan. Our web hosting services in Lahore and across the Lahore with Suitable packages with low price. The cost of every hosting plan is very low and reachable for everyone whose need web hosting services.The web hosting in Islamabad costs are also cheap in Lahore the market due to which we are able to grow market share at high velocity. Our supervision, support and technical panel are also functioning hard to make this company a giant company of current time in Lahore.Web hosting in Lahore and other countries can be used for diverse types of websites such as for a blog web hosting server in Lahore, a forum web hosting server in Lahore, a video streaming web hosting, wallpapers or image web hosting in Karachi server in Lahore etc.

VPS 112GB20GBRs 1200/- monthView Details
VPS 2`1140GBRs 2400/- monthView Details
VPS 32280GBRs 4800/- monthView Details
VPS 424160GBRs 9600/- monthView Details
Server 1216 GB Ram120GB SSD or 1TB HDDRs 12000/-monthView Details
Server 2432 GB Ram240GB SSD & 2TB HDDRs 14400/- per monthView Details
Server 3432 GB Ram4TBsata 7200 rpm H,1 GBit/s-PortRs 16800/- per monthView Details
Server 4848 GB Ram4TBsata 7200 rpm H,480 GB SSDRs 19200/- per monthView Details

Our Servers Features

Quick Response Times

Latency is a very important factor in slowness over the internet. Our aim is to provide you a server that is closer to you and your users. So that you get quick response from your server.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We have everything covered for you. Good server hardware, high speed internet and reliable power supply to ensure best possible uptime.


Our security experts can set up firewalls in such a efficient manner that it will secure server from all external threats.

DNS Settings

DNS is a complicated topic for many users. Our staff can help you fix complex issues related to Domain registration and DNS resource records.

Technical Service

Round the clock technical service so that you have a piece of mind.

Troubleshoot and Bug Fixing

Our technical team can help you troubleshoot problems, identify bugs and suggest solutions for their fixes.

Tezhost Guarantee

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Web Hosting in Lahore

Tezhost is one of the leading providers of domain service and web hosting service in Lahore Pakistan
Established in 2000, our service includes web hosting, Domain Name, Cloud Servers, Cpanel Reseller, cPanel Delux, Plesk Hosting, cPanel Economy Hosting, cPanel Ultimate, Plesk Windows Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers. We also provide another service such as DNS, subDomain, Domain Email.
What We Offer
Tezhost is a is a customer-centric firm and we firmly adhere to the principles of providing honest services to our clients which instills in them a sense of belief towards our organization.
Web hosting in Lahore
an efficient Support Team, years of experience, 10x faster speed, etc our web hosting services one of the best industry in Lahore Pakistan. Tezhost empowers more than 30,000 websites we offer a comprehensive spectrum of hosting services which include, Plesk Hosting, cPanel Economy Hosting, Windows Hosting, Plesk Windows Hosting, VPS Hosting, Windows Hosting
Tezhost is top Pakistan hosting provider company has got the reputation for its outstanding support and quality of service. Tezhost provides all these services at the very affordable price compared to others Webhost Company. Each type of hosting services is suitable for different types of a web application to be hosted.
Windows hosting has been the popular choice of the people tezhost provides the bundle of features and windows hosting service. With the windows shared hosting you will get unlimited benefits of Email, web space, FTP, Bandwidth, accounts are lot more.
The windows hosting comes with loads of features like Crystal report, Ajax toolkit, ASP.NET support IIS server and lot more.
The Tezhost support team provides the excellent support to the client is he faces any issues at any point. keeps the servers updated with the latest technologies available. The Best web hosting in Lahore Pakistan.
Web hosting services in Lahore is much better due to multiple features and packages price offer by hosting companies. In Lahore web hosting companies trying to facilitate clients and visitors by providing them optimum service and support. Due to strong competition between web hosting companies’ clients getting better services at low prices. Every web hosting company claims to be the best service provider.
Before buying domain and web hosting services one must check the capability and professionalism of selected web hosting company. Comparison between web hosting companies will help to get best hosting service. For comparison let me guide you to check elements like how much technical support they are giving? Do they provide Fully Managed Servers? Do they offer free OS reinstall? Are they providing Free Reboots? Do they have Lifetime Hardware Guarantee? How much is the Network Uptime? Do they have Powerful Intel Processors? And can a client get Full Root Access?
Every client requires safe web hosting from viruses and secret data and information threads. Their priority is to get Fastest, Safe, fully supported and economical web hosting company’s services. Features and factors which should be considered are

  1. Support: Live Chat, Phone and Email Ticket are the options for support. A client must check the supports options and response time before buying domain and hosting services from a web hosting company.
  2. Uptime: Hosting provider usually provide 99.9 or plus uptime for website. Due to unstable server a client can lose web traffic.
  3. Security: Website Security is an important element which should be considered. Website hacking proof and security up to date must be checked.
  4. Speed: SSD technology must be selected otherwise due to slow speed visitor and SEO Ranking can disturb. For boosting website speed is one of the main factors.
  5. Money Back Guarantee: Before ordering must check terms and conditions. Professional web hosting companies offer money back guarantee as they know if they provide good service a client will not leave them. So must ask for money back guarantee, in case of dissatisfaction an order can be cancelled.

In Lahore web hosting companies are working at their best but when we select throughout best service in all aspects we must select Tezhost.com. Tezhost is one of the best top ranked web hosting services providers with all required features and advance up to date hardware, security, performance and support. By checking in details, we will be able to understand services of Tezhost. Tezhost services and packages are explained below.

Tezhost Web hosting:

1. Free Hosting 100MB:

For free basic hosting 100MB, domain registration is required. This is the best option for those who have a simple static site or any basic wordpress site. There are no charges for hosting in this plan.

2. cPanel economy:

cPanel economy is a best plan for most of the sites in which a client can get 5GB Storage Space, 100GB Bandwidth, 10 MySQL Database, 25 Free Sub-Domains, 100 E-mail Addresses, Free SSL Certificate, Accounts Control Panel & FTP, supports WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento with faster browsing and powerful CPUs, RAMs and 20x faster SSD, Softaculous 100s of Easy App installer at Rs3000/Year.

3. cPanel Deluxe:

cPanel deluxe is for those users who need extra power. In this plan a client can host up to 5 websites which need higher CPU, RAM and Disk space, Free SSL for 5 websites included, latest software, Softaculous auto installer PHP 7, PHP 7.1, MariaDB, Disk Space 10GB, Bandwidth 200GB and Mysql Databases 20 at a price of Rs833/month.

4. cPanel Ultimate:

cPanel Ultimate is for unlimited hosting with extra power. In this package a client can get highest CPU and RAM power, Host unlimited websites with free SSL for all, Latest software, Softaculous Auto installer PHP7, PHP 7.1, MariaDB, Disk Space Unlimited, Bandwidth Unlimited and Mysql Databases Unlimited at a price of Rs2500/month.

Plesk Hosting:

In Plesk hosting a client can get fine-tuned windows hosting package a client can get latest Plesk, Windows 2012 R2 Servers,ASP.Net 4.5, MS SQL 2014, MySQL 5.6, PHP 5.4, 5.6,7.0, Powerful CPU, Ram and 20x faster SSD. Security and backups are to keep your site running all the time at a very reasonable price.

   1. Plesk Economy:

In Plesk Economy Tezhost offer 5GB SSD Space, 100GB Bandwidth, 2 MySQL Databases, 2MS SQL Databases, 25 Free Sub-Domains,100 E-mail Addresses, Free SSL Certificate and site Backup & Restore at the price of Rs3000/month.

   2. Plesk Deluxe:

In Plesk Deluxe a client can get 10GB SSD Space, 200GB Bandwidth, 5 MySQL Databases, 5 MS SQL Databases, 100 Free Sub-Domains, 200 E-mail Addresses, Free SSL Certificate and Site Backup & Restore at a price of Rs10,000/month.

   3. Plesk Ultimate:

Plesk Ultimate is for Unlimited usage and in this package Tezhost offer Unlimited SSD Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited MS SQL Databases, Unlimited Free Sub-Domains, Unlimited E-mail Addresses, Free SSL Certificate and Site Backup &Restore at the price of Rs30,000/month.

CPanel Reseller at Tezhost

Reseller plan is to start your own hosting business using Tezhost. A client can access WHMCS to create websites and provide cPanel access to their users. In reseller plan a client can get unlimited websites, 5GB Storage Space (overselling allowed), 100GB Bandwidth (Over Selling allowed), Unlimited MySQL DBs, Unlimited E-mail Addresses, Free SSL for All Sites and Access to WHMCS Interface. Reseller Plans are mentioned below:
1. Reseller 1
In reseller 1 package a client can get 5GB Disk Space, Unlimited cPanel Website Accounts, Unlimited Data Transfer, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Databases. Free SSL for all websites and Custom Packages at Rs6000/year.
2. Reseller 2
Reseller 2 package provide 10GB Disk Space, Unlimited cPanel Website Accounts, Unlimited Data Transfer, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Databases, Free SSL for all websites and Custom Packages at Rs12000/year.
3. Reseller 3
In reseller 3 package a client can get 20GB Disk Space, Unlimited cPanel Website Accounts, Unlimited Data Transfer, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Databases, Free SSL for all websites and Custom Packages at Rs24000/year.
4 Reseller Custom
Reseller Custom provides Custom Disk Space, Custom Website Accounts, Custom Data Transfer, Custom Email Accounts and Custom Database.

Tezhost Servers:

VPS Hosting

Tezhost provide VPS hosting in five categories

VPS 1: Best for testing and development
In VPS 1 package a client can have CPU 1 Core, Ram 2 GB and SSD 20 GB Disk at Rs1200/month.
VPS 2: Good for small production sites
In VPS 2 package Tezhost offer CPU 2 Core, Ram 4 GB and SSD 40 GB Disk at Rs2400/month.
VPS 3: Good option for multiple websites of medium size
In VPS 3 package a client can get CPU 2 Core, RAM 8GB and SSD 80GB Disk at the price of Rs4800/month.
VPS 4: Best choice for multiple large websites 
In VPS 4 package a client can get CPU 2 Core, RAM 8GB and SSD 200GB Disk at the price of Rs9600/month.
VPS 5: Best for testing and development
In VPS 5 package Tezhost offer CPU 8 Core, RAM 32GB and SSD 240GB Disk at Rs14400/month.
For VPS a client have to choose a plan then create Account to Launch VPS. A client can get powerful hardware for High Performance, Enhanced Security (Tezhost team can help in security audit), Spam Guard (Filters to limit spams sending and receiving) and great support round the clock to help in any situation. Features including Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Sub Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Weekly off Site Backups, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Free Site Builder Software, Private Name Servers, Full Root Access, 14/7/365 Aware-Winning Support and Fully Managed (w/cPanel).
Performance, Reliability and customization are the main goals of Tezhost. VPS Server Features are CentOS Linux with Full Root Access (64-bit with 32-bit compatibility), Optional cPanel with WHM Control Panel (cPanel Demo: WHM Demo), Apache Web Server (Must be installed by user on semi-managed plans), Supports: MY SQL, PHP, Perl, Python (Django), Ruby (on Rails), FFMpeg, Secured VPS with free IP Tables Firewall, SSH root access to Linux servers, Remote Desktop Admin access for Windows servers, Free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, MySQL Transfer, Script Transfer, 52 Free scripts can be instantly installed on your account with a few clicks and 24h Start, Stop, Restart and Pause server via web interface.

Dedicated Servers

There are four server plans under dedicated servers, we can check and compare these plans for usage. Their details are mentioned below
Server 1
In server one a client can host 100+websites with CPU Intel Core i7, Ram 16 to 24 GB, Storage 2x1TB HDD or 2×120 GB SSD, Raid Software, 1 GBlt/s with 10 TB bandwidth per month, OS Linux OR Windows Server and optional cPanel or Plesk Control Panel at Rs10,000/month.
Server 2
Server 2 specifications are better than one offering 200+websites hosting, CPU Intel Core i7-6700 Quad-core, Ram 32 GB DDR3, Storage 2×2 TB HDD or 2×240 GB SSD, Raid Software, 1GBlt/s with 30 TB bandwidth per month, OS Linux OR Windows Server, Optional cPanel or Plesk Control Panal at Rs12000/month.
Server 3
In server 3 a client can host 300+ websites with CPU Intel Core i7-6700 skylake incl.Hyper-Threading, Ram 32 GB DDR4, Storage 2x 4 TB HDD or 2x 500 GB SSD, Raid Software, 1 GBlt/s with 30 TB bandwidth per month, OS Linux OR Windows Server, Optional cPanel or Plesk Control Panal at Rs14000/month.
Server 4
Server 4 is the most advance one through which a client can host 500+ web sites with CPU Intel Xeon E3-1275 v5 Quad-core Skylake incl.Hyper-Threading Technology with HW Virtualization, Ram 64 GB DDR4, Storage 2×4 TB HDD or 2×480 GB SSD, Raid Software, 1 GBlt/s with 30 TB bandwidth per month, OS Linux OR Windows Server, Optional cPanel or Plesk Control Panal and Backup Space 100GB.

Tezhost Domain Registration:

Tezhost is one of the best domain sellers with multiple extensions required by clients. They sell domains at very reasonable prices like .com at Rs1080/year, .net at Rs1200/year, .org at Rs1200, info at Rs1200/year, .UK at Rs1200/year, .us at Rs1080, .biz at Rs1440/year, .solutions at Rs2400/year, .xyz at Rs1320/year, .club at Rs1680/year. In tezhost a client can transfer domain from or to any web hosting company. If new user buy and registers their domain with Tezhost they offer free hosting with 100MB storage space, 10 GB Bandwidth, 1 Free Sub-Domains, 1MySQL Database, 1 E-mail Address, Plan Upgradable and Account Control Panel &FTP.

Tezhost Services Features:

Tezhost services features include Quick Response Time from server. Tezhost staff helps in complex issues related to Domain registration and DNS resource records. Tazhost take 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Tezhost security experts can set up firewalls in such an efficient manner that it will secure server from all external threats. They provide technical service around the clock so that clients have a piece of mind. Tezhost technical team can help in troubleshoot problems, identify bugs and suggest solutions for their fixes. Tezhost offer 30 days money back guarantee in the case of dissatisfaction.

Cheap Web Hosting in Lahore

Tezhost is the best Web hosting in Lahore, offers reliable web hosting services at affordable rates. Our website hosting packages are specifically designed to meet any level of requirements by clients. Generally, we provide hosting on Windows servers and Linux suitable for dynamic website and static whichever preferred by clients depending on their web development platforms like Java, ASP, ASP.net PHP, etc. We conjointly register domain names for our purchasers thus on minimizing their inconvenience to the doable extent and also we offer a variety of Fully Managed Private Email Hosting Servers, Shared & Reseller Hosting Plans, and Domain Name Registration Services. Bulk/Mass Newsletter Servers, VPS Hosting Plans, Future Tezhost provides internet Web hosting in Lahore with a state of art design. FTP’s internet hosting in Lahore and therefore the remainder of Pakistan includes associate degree ultrafast, endlessly ascendible internet hosting network to fulfill the long run demands of the new economy. We have a tendency to guarantee reliable services and plentiful information measure for all our internet hosting users in Karachi and remainder of Pakistan. Tezhost provides value-added services that include awarded 24/7 customer support in Pakistan. We offer feature-rich and affordable Web hosting in Lahore on Linux Servers Windows. Quality and Reliable service Web Hosting Pakistan Lahore. That has been loved and appreciated by our Client, has made us one of the best Hosting Company in Lahore Tezhost is one of the best providers of a variety of website hosting service and Domain services in Lahore, Established in the year 2000, Our core competencies include Premium Domain Sales, Email Hosting, VPS Hosting, Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration, and more. we provide services DNS Management and such as WHOIS. our experience of more than 17 years of successfully catering to the needs of our customers. Tezhost offer affordable, fastest and reliable Linux web hosting services and Windows web hosting Our web hosting plans come with the best Pakistan NO. 1 hosting Parallels Plesk web hosting and control panel, and cPanel web hosting for Linux based plans Also our high-performance servers are always up-to-date. if you are looking for powerful hosting and stable for your websites built open source platforms then you are at the right place. Our Application Installer allows you to host your websites developed on platforms like Joomla, Magento, phpBB, Drupal, Coppermine, PrestaShop, and WordPress, etc. Tezhost capable to Control your website, forum or blog or traffic with high scalability. The best Web hosting in Lahore