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Web hosting is an essential component of building a website or an online business. With the increase in demand for websites, web hosting has become a popular and lucrative business opportunity. One type of hosting that is gaining popularity among entrepreneurs is reseller hosting. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what cPanel hosting reseller is and how to earn money as a cPanel reseller in Pakistan.

What is cPanel Reseller Hosting?

cPanel reseller hosting is a type of web hosting that allows individuals or companies to create and sell their own web hosting services to their clients. This type of hosting is called “reseller hosting” because the user buys a large amount of server space and bandwidth from a web hosting provider and then resells it to their own clients.

With cPanel reseller hosting, resellers can create custom hosting packages for their clients, set their own pricing, and brand their hosting services with their own company name and logo.

cPanel reseller hosting also includes features such as automated billing and invoicing, security and reliability measures, and technical support from the web hosting provider. This makes it easy for resellers to manage their hosting business and provide high-quality services to their clients.

How to Become a cPanel Hosting Reseller

Time needed: 15 minutes

Becoming a cPanel reseller is a great way to start your own web hosting business without having to worry about the technical aspects of running a server. First of all you need to find out a cPanel Hosting Reseller. We have TezHost that provide reseller hosting with extra benifits. In this guide we will learn to become tezhost’s cpanel reseller to earn money. Here are the steps you can follow to become a cPanel reseller.

  1. Visit TezHost.PK

    Nevigate to the Cpanel reseller from the main menu. Once you landed on the packages page, select a reseller hosting plan that meets your business needs. Consider the disk space, bandwidth, and other resources that you will need to manage your clients’ websites.

  2. Buy any Cpanel Hosting Reseller Plan

    Buy the hosting plan you decided to go with by click on buy now button on the relevent hosting package. You can get help from our online support engineer by tab on the online button on left bottom.

  3. Create your own hosting plans

    Once you have signed up for a reseller hosting plan, you can create your own hosting packages and set your pricing. You can offer different packages with varying disk space, bandwidth, and other features to cater to different client needs.

  4. Customize your branding

    Customize your branding by adding your logo and company name to the cPanel interface. This will help to create a professional image for your hosting business. You can also create your website to showcase your hosting packages and services.

  5. Promote your hosting business and earn massive income

    Start promoting your hosting business to potential clients. You can use online advertising, social media, and content marketing to reach out to your target audience. You can also offer special deals and discounts to attract new clients. Furthermore, selling hosting in your circle is easiest task in this field.

Benefits of cPanel reseller hosting

Below are given some of the benefits of cPanel reseller hosting:

  • User-friendly control panel: cPanel is a popular and user-friendly control panel that allows resellers to easily manage their clients’ hosting accounts, including website management, email management, and account management.
  • Customizable branding: cPanel reseller hosting allows resellers to brand their hosting services with their own company name and logo, giving them the ability to create a unique identity for their hosting business.
  • Automated billing and invoicing: cPanel reseller hosting comes with an automated billing and invoicing system that makes it easy for resellers to manage their clients’ payments and keep track of their billing history.
  • Flexibility and scalability: cPanel reseller hosting plans are flexible and scalable, allowing resellers to easily upgrade or downgrade their hosting packages as their clients’ needs change.
  • Security and reliability: cPanel reseller hosting comes with built-in security features, such as spam filtering and virus protection, as well as backup and disaster recovery options, ensuring that resellers and their clients’ data is secure and protected. Here you can understand the Importance of Website Security.
  • Technical support: cPanel reseller hosting providers typically offer technical support to resellers, including 24/7 customer support, online documentation, and user forums, providing resellers with the support they need to manage their clients’ hosting accounts.
 cPanel Hosting Reseller in Pakistan

How to Earn Money as a cPanel Reseller

As a cPanel reseller, there are several ways to earn money and increase your revenue. Here are some effective ways to make money as a cPanel reseller:

  • Pricing strategies:
    • Offer competitive pricing to attract new clients. Do research on what other cPanel resellers are charging and try to offer similar pricing or slightly lower. Make sure you’re still able to make a profit.
    • Offer discounts or promotions to incentivize clients to sign up for longer periods. For example, you can offer a discount for clients who sign up for a year or more in advance.
    • Create custom plans and pricing to meet the specific needs of your clients. Some clients may have unique needs or requirements, so being able to offer customized plans can help you to stand out and win their business.
  • Value-added services:
    • Offer additional services like website design, search engine optimization, or website maintenance to increase revenue. These services can provide a steady stream of income and make your business more profitable.
    • Sell domain names, SSL certificates, or other hosting-related products to your clients. These products can add value to your hosting packages and increase your revenue.
    • Provide excellent customer service to your clients. This can help to increase client retention and generate positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Marketing and advertising:
    • Promote your hosting business through social media, email marketing, or online advertising. These channels can help you to reach a wider audience and generate more leads.
    • Collaborate with other businesses or influencers to reach new audiences. Partnering with other businesses or influencers in your industry can help to expand your reach and attract new clients.
    • Create informative content like blog posts, videos, or tutorials to establish yourself as an authority in the web hosting industry. This can help to attract more leads and position your business as a trusted and knowledgeable source in your industry.
  • Sell hosting packages to clients:
    • Offer different hosting plans at different price points to attract a range of clients.
    • Upsell additional features like SSL certificates, website backups, and website builders to increaseyourrevenue.

Tips to become a successful cPanel Hosting Reseller

As a cPanel reseller, your success depends on your ability to manage and grow your business effectively. By following the tips given below, you can build a successful cPanel reseller business and provide value to your customers. The first and must follow option is to use a Local company if you are non technical. There are several Benefits of Local Web Hosting Provider as compared to buying hosting from international platforms. Here are some tips to help you achieve success:

Offer excellent customer service:

As a reseller, you are the face of cPanel to your customers. Therefore, it is essential to provide excellent customer service to build trust and loyalty. Respond to customer queries and concerns promptly and professionally.

Price competitively:

Set your prices to be competitive with other resellers in the market. However, be careful not to price yourself too low as it may lead to low-profit margins.

Promote your business:

Use social media, email marketing, and other marketing channels to promote your business. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and provides clear information about your products and services.

Keep up with updates:

Keep up with cPanel updates and new features to ensure that you provide the latest and most efficient services to your customers.

Offer additional services:

Consider offering additional services such as website design, security, and maintenance to increase revenue and customer retention.

Manage your finances effectively:

Track your expenses and revenues to ensure that you are making a profit. Consider investing in accounting software to help you manage your finances effectively.

Build relationships with customers:

Focus on building long-term relationships with your customers. This can lead to repeat business and positive referrals.


cPanel Reseller hosting is a fantastic opportunity to start your own web hosting business and generate revenue as a cPanel reseller. In this article, we have provided a comprehensive guide to What Is Reseller Hosting and How To Earn Money As cPanel Reseller? With the right provider, effective marketing, and excellent customer support, you can achieve great success in this industry.

If you’re considering reseller hosting, TezHost offers a range of affordable and reliable cPanel reseller hosting plans that can help you get started. Additionally, you can join our affiliate program to earn money by promoting our products such as our cPanel reseller hosting and services to your clients or online audience. With TezHost, you can take advantage of all the benefits of reseller hosting while maximizing your earning potential.

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