The most important decisions in creating an online presence are to buy a domain name. For both your target audience and search engines the right domain name for your website is very important. Please ignore the trends and whims of the day and choose a name that is related to your business and will still make sense 10 years from now. Here are some tips to help you make a good domain name purchase from any best web hosting company.

1. Do your homework

A little bit of research is very useful when to

buy a domain name

by choosing the best web hosting company. Find similar sites and also check out your competitors’ domain names. Browse available search domains by keyword or domain name by using the Media domain name search tool. A popular domain may have more resales. You can search by keyword, which provides the popularity of certain words in domain names.

2. Buy domains that are easy to type and remember

Even if you plan on enhancing the site for search engines, you still want a unique domain name that people can remember. Avoid weird words, multiple hyphens, numbers, and so forth. Anyone hearing your organization name should easily type it without any further instructions.

You should avoid words that have more than one spelling that makes your visitors confused and they type the wrong name. Alternately, you can buy both versions of the name and direct visitors from the one you like less to the ideal name.

3. Avoid slang terms

Try to avoid slang type, instead, pick a name that will be meaningful in further 10 years. This will also keep your name be understood and remembered by non-native clients. Whether or not you plan to do business internationally, this can help with your local audience as well.

4. Buy a domain that’s shorter rather than longer

The longer your domain name is, the harder it is to remember, and the more chance of someone misspelling. Mostly single word domains names are long gone, but you can still avoid long domain names by getting a little innovative. Your domain name is part of your brand, and make sure it matches how you want people to think about you.

5. Stick with .com if you can

Most people assume a domain name ends in .com so if you buy a domain name with other extensions, you’ll have to do some extra work to get people to remember that your site has a different extension. Don’t automatically accept web host offer you should only buy domains with .com, though.

6. Don’t buy trademarked domains

If your purpose is to buy a domain name that is trademarked then you can try to confuse people, you’re opening your site up to having a criticism filed against you and having to give up the domain name. Even if you’re not trying to create confusion, you’re likely to face some legal issues by buying trademarked terms in your domain name. To be safe, you can search for U.S. trademarks and make sure no one owns a trademark on the name you are bearing in mind.

7. Don’t buy a domain name that’s too similar to an existing site

Don’t buy domains that are just a variation of another domains name. This means avoiding plurals if the singular is taken ( vs., hyphenating a phrase ( Alternately, you might consider purchasing these variations yourself and set them up so that if someone types one of the variations, they are forwarded to your main site.

8. Hyphens are not good

Using hyphens to separate words in a domains name makes it easier to read. It makes somewhat easier for search engines to distinguish the individual words. However, people habitually forget about the hyphens when they type domain names. If you use hyphens in your name, don’t buy a domain with more than two hyphens. It’s just too untidy.

9. Avoid numbers

Avoid using numbers when you buy a domains name. People get confused about whether the numbers are a digit (4) or a word (four). If you want to add a number in your domains name because you have a number in your company name, buy both versions of the domains (digit and word) from your hosting company and redirect one to another.

10. Check availability on social media sites

When you have a name picked out, check if that account name is available on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+,  Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Even if you don’t have any plan to use social media right away always check the availability of those accounts.