Asp .Net Hosting Packages

The best option for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and all other platforms which need PHP and MySQL.

Plesk Economy

Rs482.56 Monthly

  • 1 Website
  • 5 GB Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 100 Email Addresses
  • 10 MySQL Databases
  • 2 MSSQL Databases
  • 500MB Max DB Storage
  • Site Backup & Restore

Plesk Deluxe

Rs965.12 Monthly

  • 10 Website
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 200 GB Bandwidth
  • 200 Email Addresses
  • 20 MySQL Databases
  • 5 MSSQL Databases
  • 1GB Max DB Storage
  • Site Backup & Restore

Plesk Ultimate

Rs3642.40 Monthly

  • Unlimited Website
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited MSSQL Databases
  • 2GB Max DB Storage
  • Site Backup & Restore

More About Asp .Net Web Hosting

Microsoft created the Web application framework known as ASP.NET. However, ASP.NET is an open-source framework. A server-side framework called ASP.NET allows developers to create dynamic websites, services, and apps. Although developers sometimes forgo formalities, ASP.NET pages are technically referred to as Web Forms.

Any web hosting package created to be compatible with ASP.NET is known as ASP.NET hosting. That typically refers to Windows Plesk hosting. Since ASP.NET is now compatible with different types of servers, it need not necessarily indicate Windows hosting as it did in many instances.

As website security becomes a more important issue, all website owners should take it into consideration. This is especially true when high-profile data breaches and hacks become more frequent. Making the choice to use ASP.NET is only one of many things you can do to make your website more secure. TezHost provide its clients the best and secure ASP.NET Hosting services with 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Most of Plesk settings can be changed, and it supports the ASP.NET framework in versions 2.0, 4.x, and 1.0 as well as ASP.NET Core. The most of ASP.NET configuration settings that commonly need to be changed in order for ASP.NET applications to function well can be updated using Plesk.

MySQL is the most popular Open Source Database in the world, designed for speed, power, and precision in mission-critical, heavy load use.  Windows web hosting supports SQL databases.

It depends upon your web hosting plan, how many websites can be hosted on a Windows web hosting plan.

You can host multiple domains with any of our cPanel reseller web hosting plans. Each plan comes with a specified number of cPanel accounts.

If your existing website is being hosted over  Windows / Plesk web hosting services, then moving to Tezhost is very simple. You have to take a backup at your existing provider and move your backup to our servers. You can also download your files and upload them to our servers using any FTP client.

what we can guarantee

Auto Updates

Daily Update of your data.

CloudFlare Integration

Cache content and secure incoming traffic.

Multi Layer Protection

Your website data is protected with Anti-virus.

Account Isolation

User-friendly interface to interact.

Email Addresses

Email with service purchased.

24×7/365 Support

Expert technical staff to assist you 24/7.

cPanel Control Panel

Many web sites still in infancy

30 Day Money-back

Money-back guarantee on any purchase.

Quick Install

Quick Installation of softwares.

Tezhost Introduction

Tezhost is one of the top-notch web hosting services in Pakistan that offers a complete range of web products and applications. Be it a start-up, a running business or an enterprise, every organization requires web hosting for its website. Good web hosting generates a good amount of profits for you. There are several international and national web hosting services that are operative, Tezhost flies above all due to its complete packages, decades of experience, and award-winning support team.

ASP.NET Web Hosting

What are the benefits of ASP.NET Web Hosting?

  • Open-source
  • High speed & security
  • Easy to use
  • Large developer community
  • Support multiple languages
  • Compatible with all servers
  • Supported by Microsoft

What to Look for in a Web Hosting Plan for ASP.NET?

An ASP.NET hosting package is a wise choice if you decide that using ASP.NET is the best solution for your website. Look for a web hosting plan that offers the following when comparing your options:

  • 9% Uptime Assurance
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Sufficient bandwidth A security reputation.

What are the technical requirements for ASP.NET Hosting?

The following technical prerequisites must be met in order to successfully ASP.NET hosting:

  • Supporting ASP.NET Versions

It is crucial to remember that the company you select supports all framework versions while searching for hosting services for ASP.NET pages. Numerous characteristics, such as ASP.NET updates and hosting server compatibility, are useful criteria to consider when narrowing down a list of hosting companies. Check these versions and their availability with your hosting provider. Some typical versions accessible for ASP.NET pages include editions for OS and MS SQL.

  • Hardware Requirements

Updating your hardware specifications as your site’s business expands is necessary if you want to host a web app that will expand in the near future.

Your company’s rapid expansion necessitates the storage of a database of current and potential customers, necessitating additional RAM and solid-state drive (SSD) storage for your gear.